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My name is Rebecca and I create handmade art and stationery with my antique 1950s Imperial Good Companion Typewriter.

Together, my Companion and I produce custom, vintage-style, typewritten pieces for weddings and special occasions – such as personalised gifts, invitations, cards, table plans, name cards, orders of service, letters and more.

I also regularly make creative typewritten artworks which often utilise analogue photography and dried foliage – these go on sale at local exhibitions and fairs.

Browse my 2018 portfolio for examples of recent projects.

Typewriters were not born in a fast-paced 21st century world. They existed in a still, forgotten time – before digital technology, social media, commercialisation and mass-production took over. I believe that my handmade, hand-typed words carry something special, something magical, that just cannot be replicated on a computer or purchased from a large printing companies.

Everything I construct for my customers is original and one-off, created with no electricity, in my studio which sits in the peaceful Warwickshire countryside.

I create all my pieces carefully and slowly, with close consultation and most importantly, with all my love, consideration, attention and soul.

If you’re looking to ‘say it with type’, you can contact me using my online form.


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