Welcome To Say It With Type!

Say It With Type 2

UPDATE. As of 3rd December 2018 I will be on maternity leave and not taking on any new commissions or projects until I return to the working world on 1st September 2019. 

Welcome to Say It with Type.

My name is Rebecca and I make custom typewriter stationery pieces for weddings and special occasions – personalised gifts, invitations, cards, table plans, letters and more.

Typewriters were not born in a fast-paced 21st century world. They existed in a much slower time, before technology took over. My love for all things analogue stems from my desire to disconnect from the digital world and re-connect to the real one.

When writing on typewriters, I find that a completely different style of work emerges – an impulsive result, un-touched by the pressures of a fast-paced modern world. I believe that my hand-typed words carry something that cannot be replicated on a computer or purchased from large printing companies.

Away from typewriters, my other passions are analogue photography, tattoo collecting and writing – you can find out more about me and hear more about my art pieces, blogging and charity projects over on my personal website.

If you’re looking to ‘say it with type’, get in touch!

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Photography by Lewis Membery